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Letter: Close Indian Point during storms

It just doesn't make sense to evacuate storm-surge prone areas of New York City and surrounding areas, and have the buildings power down for safety to minimize loss of life and property, but to leave Indian Point and other nuclear plants in the region to respond to an out-of-control storm surge crisis, rather than powering down carefully and systematically as a precaution ["Storm watch," News, Oct. 28]. There are many other far less vulnerable sources of power for the grid in this emergency.

I could be wrong, but I think we should rely on the precautionary principle, as New York City's emergency management office and others did.

This decision should not be left up to Entergy or other nuclear power plant owners. This should be a Federal Emergency Management Agency and Nuclear Regulatory Commission national imperative. All nuclear power plants in harm's way should be required to power down -- rather than have to respond. I'd rather be wrong than sorry.

Manna Jo Greene, Beacon

Editor's note: The writer is the environmental director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, an environmental advocacy organization.


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