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Letter: Closed circle of judicial candidates

Gavel at board meeting.

Gavel at board meeting. Credit: Jim Peppler

After reading the articles about the insular judicial selection process, I am disgusted with the judges, elected officials and others who benefited from these somewhat legal loopholes ["The Insiders: Dem lawyer reaps fees from judges," News, Dec. 23].

I fought for this country and bled on the battlefield for others' right to a democratic government, something like our own form of government. Why, would anyone want to emulate our system?

This type of slippery government goes right to the political bosses. They choose who runs for office, who gets appointed, and just about everything else. I remember the last election I voted in. There was no choice for any judge because those running were cross-endorsed. The party bosses picked who they would be, not the public.

I have very defined political beliefs, and I want the chance to vote for people who share those beliefs. Why can't we pick a candidate based on education or public service background? There must be another way.

Mike Oakley, Lindenhurst