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Letter: Coalition could kill all of ISIS

Protestors are seen here calling on President Barack

Protestors are seen here calling on President Barack Obama to help end the bloodshed caused by terrorist group ISIS. ISIS was seventh in Google's list of most-searched terms in 2014. Photo Credit: AP / Brandy Baker

President Barack Obama continues to report that he does not have a plan for dealing with ISIS ["U.S. sending troops to Iraq," News, June 11]. Let me offer him one.

Under the president's direction, an international coalition of 100,000 special-forces troops would be deployed to kill all ISIS forces in the Middle East. This would not equate to a long-term, boots-on-the-ground operation, but could be deployed incident by incident. It would amount to going in, killing ISIS members, and leaving.

It wouldn't take long for this coalition to obliterate the about 30,000 ISIS forces. I am confident that this plan would quickly result in the expeditious elimination of this lethal cancer.

Ed Quinlan, New Hyde Park


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