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Good Afternoon

Letter: Colbert's acceptance after tragedy

New "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert, at the

New "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert, at the TCA Summer Press Tour on Aug. 10, 2015, in Los Angeles. Credit: CBS / Monty Brinton

Thanks for the Stephen Colbert interview ["Colbert on life after tragedy," News, Aug. 14]. As a psychologist, I've always considered psychotherapy to have a one-word conclusion: acceptance.

Here again is his wisdom after tragedy: "a very healthy reciprocal acceptance (he and his mom) of suffering. Which does not mean being defeated by suffering. Acceptance is not defeat. Acceptance is just awareness."

I would add, look what that awareness has brought into his life and others' -- great success!

My research began in the 1960s and led me to believe that for some lucky few, after acceptance comes achievement.

Great tragedy can lead to great accomplishment, but first get to the stage of acceptance. It's wonderful and will help all those around you.

Marvin Eisenstadt, Syosset

Editor's note: The writer is an author of the book "Parental Loss and Achievement."