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Letter: Cold-lunch policy is an unkind strategy

A healthy chicken salad school lunch, prepared under

A healthy chicken salad school lunch, prepared under federal guidelines, sitting on display at the cafeteria at Draper Middle School in Rotterdam, N.Y., on Sept. 11, 2012. President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for $12 billion over a decade to help feed schoolchildren from low-income families during the summer. Photo Credit: AP

The Wylandville Elementary School School in Pennsylvania has a new policy to deny a child a hot lunch if the parents have a negative balance of $25 or more in the student’s account [“School worker quits over lunch-shaming,” News, Sept. 21].

I was shocked and sickened that a little boy was denied this food. This is unfair and outrageous, and I agree with the cafeteria worker, Stacy Koltiska, who resigned over this rule. It’s very un-Christian. And then the extra food was thrown away!

Kids have enough problems in school with bullying, gangs, peer criticism and difficult learning. I feel sorry for the people who initiated this rule. I realize things need to be paid for, but this was not the best way to go about it.

Lynn Barthmare, Hicksville