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Letter: Colleges downplay SATs and ACTs

A pencil fills in answers on a standardized

A pencil fills in answers on a standardized test answer sheet. Credit: iStock

Hofstra University is one of a number of colleges that are dropping the SAT and ACT as a requirement for admission, finally realizing that the best predictor of success in college is success in high school.

Ironically, while colleges across the country are softening requirements for standardized testing, middle and high schools on Long Island are smothering their students with them.

This "strategy" of preparing our students for college by relying on standardized testing is both flawed and foolish.

Some students just don't test well. Good for schools like Hofstra for recognizing this. It's time for our edu-crats in Albany to pull their heads out of the sand long enough to see the beginning of the end of standardized testing.

Lee Nober, Old Bethpage

Editor's note: The writer teaches at Walt Whitman High School and Farmingdale State College.