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Letter: Colo. clinic gunman was a terrorist

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina is pictured in undated mugshots. Credit: AP

Robert Lewis Dear allegedly entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, shot, killed and maimed people there and surrendered when police cornered him [“Robert Lewis Dear, suspect in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, says he’s a ‘warrior for babies,’ ” News, Dec. 10].

He reportedly uttered the words, “no more body parts,” when he was arrested.

He seems to have been influenced by the rhetoric coming out of right-wing politicians who are bent on cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, closing clinics and depriving women of the health care they so badly need, which surely makes it a political issue. And he allegedly decided to act on it with violence.

To force a political agenda through violence is the basic definition of terrorism, and the person acting on it is called a terrorist, of course. So why is it so difficult for the media and the political pundits, especially the Republicans who want to be president of all the people in this country, to call Dear a domestic terrorist? He’s just like the other terrorists influenced by the filth and rhetoric coming out of those groups in Middle East. The only difference I see is that he does not have a Muslim name.

Syed Hussain, Brentwood