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Letter: Column mocked family's Christianity

Jessa Duggar, far right, with her family, of

Jessa Duggar, far right, with her family, of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting," at sister Jill Duggar's wedding on June 21, 2014. The family's eldest child, Josh Duggar -- who has admitted he molested young girls as a teenager, at least one of which was Jessa -- stands in front of her. Photo Credit: TLC / David Welker

I must respond to Kathleen Parker's column "The Duggars and presidential politics" [Newsday, Opinion, June 4]. I support the faith under which the Duggars have lived, raised a family and have chosen to make almost all of their vital decisions.

They are Christians, and they know that being a Christian does not make them perfect. They fail because of sin. But they repent and with repentance comes forgiveness, as taught by Jesus.

Parker can barely contain her distaste when she states that 19 children "isn't just a brood but a sideshow." I'm curious why she felt compelled to compare the Duggars beliefs with those of the Quiverfull movement, in which, she says, "men rule and women serve," although the Duggars claim no affiliation with this sect. My guess is it was to focus negatively on the fact that they also hold to a patriarchal belief. If this was her purpose, then why stop there? Is she not aware that many Muslim sects also observe strong patriarchal customs?

Finally, Parker thinks that young people are fortunate that they missed the Golden Age when religious beliefs were not talked about. However, I feel sorry for them. There were more families then with traditional principles who didn't need to talk about their beliefs because they were permitted to live them without being ridiculed or mocked or censured.

Dolly Kalhorn, North Babylon


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