Now that we have begun the road to recovery ["Bringing light into the darkest month," Opinion, Dec. 20], I would like to reflect on my experience directing an emergency shelter in Glen Cove.

For the five days we operated the shelter, we had about 60 people volunteer. Local chef Allan Decoster whipped together numerous meals, feeding close to 100 people at times. Local restaurants donated food, Laundromats gave free soap, and local fitness centers provided hot showers.

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At the end of the five days, the Red Cross returned to run the shelter out of the high school again, and our group was deactivated.

The response of our community overwhelmed me. I've found that this sense of human responsibility extended to other Island communities as well. I am proud to be one of you.

Drew Lawrence, Glen Cove

Editor's note: The writer is the deputy supervisor of Nassau County's community emergency response team, division 3.