I would never condone or accept the tragedy Cosmin Florea caused by his selfishness -- driving and drinking, high on marijuana -- and his cowardice in leaving the scene of a fatal accident ["Forgiveness from victim's daughter," News, May 13].

However, we should all focus on the basis for forgiving him as 19-year-old Olivia Mooney, daughter of crash victim Donald Mooney, has done. What a compassionate, heartfelt statement she made in court, letting Florea know that she forgives him and why. She is the personification of a wonderful human.

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Accepting with open arms the apology of Jazmin Florea, Cosmin's 14-year-old daughter, speaks loudly to both of their characters. Each showed compassion and understanding for the other as children who are suffering from circumstances beyond their control.

Daniel A. Hesse, East Islip