So, the Half Hollow Hills School District is thinking of closing a school building, and cutting elementary school band, orchestra and chorus ["Half Hollow may shut school," News, Jan. 4]. The district is talking about reducing kindergarten to a half day and cutting 36 teaching positions. What is wrong with this picture?

All the cuts would affect the students. So much for administrators stating that students are their first priority. One only needs to go to the district website and view the administrative organizational chart to see where all the money goes. It is so top-heavy.

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Nearly $17,000 of our annual tax bill goes to the school district. That is over 65 percent of our total tax bill. The district gets this money free and clear, as our children have graduated. Many of my neighbors are in the same situation.

Administrators have discussed freezing their salaries, but that isn't a cut. I bet if you eliminated 10 administrative jobs, there would be an additional $1 million to be had. Where are our school board candidates? Now that they have won the election, are they going to make good on the promise of no major tax hikes?

Doretta R. La Porta

Dix Hills