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Letter: Consolidation won’t really lower taxes

People stand in line to sign-in to vote

People stand in line to sign-in to vote regarding the school budget at Greenport High School on May 15, 2012. Credit: Randee Daddona

We should look a little deeper into the governor’s push for consolidation of local governments as a way to reduce property taxes [“LI officials: We do consolidate services,” News, Feb. 22].

According to a pie chart from my tax receiver, 67 percent of the tax goes to the schools and 14 percent to the county. That leaves 19 percent for local governments.

Optimistically, maximum consolidation might reduce local costs by 10 percent. This means that the total tax bill might go down 1.9 percent. It probably won’t go down at all because there will be a new layer of administration above the existing ones.

If the goal is to reduce taxes, more methods should be considered. Perhaps reducing spending mandates would be more productive.

David Flynn, Kings Park