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Letter: Corporate tax evasion and ruination

Individual donors now have carte blanche from New

Individual donors now have carte blanche from New York State to contribute more than $150,000 a year to fund as many candidates and political groups as they choose, just in time for this year's high stakes statewide elections. Credit: iStock

In regard to "Keep the companies in this country" [Opinion, Aug. 14], the federal tax evasion committed by companies and allowed by a deadlocked Congress is another example of the ruination of this great country.

This no-brainer issue should be dealt with swiftly, but it isn't, because of the influence of big campaign donations by corporations, which paralyzes our political leaders.

Companies have rebounded from the 2008 economic meltdown quite nicely. Hoarding cash, limiting hiring, freezing wages and demanding productivity increases have resulted in record profits and higher shareholder earnings.

On the other side, the working person is toiling harder but going backward, and is acknowledged with less respect, dignity and safety at work.

Tony Giametta, Oceanside