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Letter: Corporations worry only for the bottom line

Trump Tower is President-elect Donald Trump's home in

Trump Tower is President-elect Donald Trump's home in the city. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Drew Angerer

The real world is not the same as the Donald Trump world [“Trump deals on U.S. jobs,” News, Dec. 2].

Carrier is getting a $7 million tax break over 10 years. Wasn’t Trump against government tax breaks when he campaigned? Of course, I am more than happy for the hundreds of families who will have a merry Christmas and jobs.

However, a chief executive of United Technologies, which owns Carrier, retired with a $172 million payment in 2014. Did Carrier really need the $7 million if its parent company could afford a $172 million retirement package? Why would the company need to move to Mexico for lower wages?

This is what is wrong with our large corporations. They will cause middle-income families to suffer for a few more bucks. Shameful.

Trump said he supported Carrier’s tax break to save American jobs. He also has burdened Indiana taxpayers with a $7 million break for a company that doesn’t need it.

Anthony Mignone, Massapequa Park


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