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Letter: Cosmos may abandon Nassau, too

This is an artist's rendering of the proposed

This is an artist's rendering of the proposed New York Cosmos soccer stadium at Belmont Park in Elmont. It was provided by the Spector Group on Jan. 16, 2013. Credit: AP

Long Island used to be home to the Nets and the Islanders. Today, there's another professional sports team on Long Island, the New York Cosmos, that we may be close to losing ["Cosmos: Delay on site could lead to move," News, July 15].

The soccer team submitted a bid to the Empire State Development Corp. in January 2013 to redevelop a portion of Belmont Park as the Elmont Town Crossings. The proposed development would include a $400 million stadium, a hotel and an entertainment complex, with restaurants and retail space.

The Cosmos would dedicate 4.3 acres of open space as a park for the community. This project would cost the taxpayer nothing; the Cosmos would privately fund the project. However, once again, politics is threatening the loss of another professional Long Island sports team.

The project has languished. It is expected to generate more than 500 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs, as well as $200 million annually in taxable revenue for Nassau County. You would think Nassau and state officials would bend over backward to accommodate this.

Understandably, the Cosmos are considering other options. As a recent co-chairman of the Nassau County Planning Commission, a labor attorney representing many of the unions that would benefit from this type of development, and a resident feeling the constant tax burden, I'm infuriated.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It's an opportunity that will soon be missed.

Marty Glennon, Sea Cliff