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Letter: Costs can't keep rising on LI

New York's total spending on housing, at $24,187,

New York's total spending on housing, at $24,187, places it third in the nation. The figure includes shelter, lodging, utilities, household operations, furnishings, taxes and owned/rented dwellings. Only Washington, D.C., and San Francisco spend more. Photo Credit: AP

In response to "Suffolk fiscal warning" [News, April 22], borrowing and increased taxes are not the answers.

When Bill Clinton ran for president for the first time, one of his slogans was, "It's the economy, stupid." Here, the catchphrase should be, "It's the taxes, stupid."

More young people and seniors are leaving the Island, and what is one of the primary reasons? The taxes. Just follow the pension checks. Unfortunately, those checks are not staying here in New York.

When the Suffolk County negotiates with employees, it should state that it will have to borrow or raise taxes to pay for these contracts. Unfortunately, people who remain here can no longer sustain the high costs, the pensions and the health care associated with what the government provides. Perhaps it's time we all had to live with a little less so that we can all stay here.

Kevin J. O'Brien, Huntington


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