Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Letter: Courthouse workers without pay?

I am stunned to read that New York State courts are accused of manipulating payroll records and forcing short-staffed court employees to work overtime for no pay ["Suit accuses courts of shorting workers," News, Oct. 31].

What a terrible example of government bullying and intimidation. For once, I hope the wronged employees fight city hall and win.

Kevin H. Fox, Jericho

Motorcycles and dangerous driving

The letter "Motorcyclists must ride differently" [Oct. 21] argues that it's prudent for motorcycle riders to go faster than other traffic. But the speed limit on the Long Island Expressway and the parkways is 55 mph. Why must motorcyclists drive differently?

My brother was a director at Harley-Davidson, and he would not let his two sons have motorcycles.

Driving on the LIE and parkways, I set my speed control at 53 mph, and I always get to my destination on time. Stay alive at 55.

Henry C. Brengel Jr., Woodbury

One bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch. The same is true for motorcycle riders.

One group caused havoc in September on the Henry Hudson Parkway, and now it seems that everyone has a problem with bikes.

I've been driving on Long Island for almost 40 years, and I've never had any trouble with motorcyclists. In reality, they are the ones in harm's way, because people in cars don't watch out for them.

Doug Hadgeoff, Holbrook