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Letter: Courts right to empower commish

Six teenagers went on a hate crime spree

Six teenagers went on a hate crime spree this month by attacking and robbing Hispanic men in Huntington Station, according to prosecutors and a grand jury indictment unsealed in Riverhead. Credit: Jim Peppler

Two court decisions that appear to restore power to the Nassau County police commissioner to discipline officers, including firing them, are welcome indeed ["Power for next top cop," News column, Dec. 17]. This can be considered a win-win situation for many.

It's a win for taxpayers who have wondered why secrecy is allowed in police disciplinary action. It takes those officers who perform in a professional manner out from under the same shadow as those who disgrace themselves and their badge.

It speaks well for a county executive who accepts the challenge of pursuing this change. Many politicians would rather dance around to retain potential votes.

It's a win for the value of a free press -- annoying though it can often be -- which in a situation like this cannot be underestimated.

And it's a win for a skilled union leader with a clear understanding of contracts and the complexity that goes with them.

Along with the ability to retain outside legal services, this should be more than adequate to protect the rights of police union members.

James Kelly, Levittown