While I disagree with Nancy Rauch Douzinas' megalopolis thinking, there is at least one initiative that would save taxpayers an inordinate amount of money and improve education in the process ["LI must shed its small-town mindset," Opinion, July 22].

There is a plethora of school districts. The Town of Huntington alone has eight -- that is eight superintendents, at least 16 assistant superintendents and many more curriculum coordinators, secretaries, duplications in maintenance services, and on and on. What a phenomenal waste.

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But try and suggest consolidation and see where you get. Nowhere in a flash. Between the entrenched educational interests and the NIMBY mindset of the population, such an approach is regarded a sacrilege to the principle of Long Island. Local enclaves take care of themselves. Think of incorporated villages with their own police codes.

If anyone wants to try, start with the schools. Create townwide districts.

Rauch Douzinas writes that Long Island has "a vast opportunity to thrive in the 21st-century global economy as part of the greatest metropolitan area in the world." I came to Long Island not to live in a new city but to enjoy the space and laid-back lifestyle that suburban living offers. I would not want to see that eroded any further.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington