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Letter: Criticism of Obama isn't race-based

Matt Davies

Matt Davies

I don't like your new cartoonist Matt Davies. He's not funny.

The cartoon about Rudy Giuliani really set me off ["The squeegee guy," Opinion, Feb. 22]. Davies may not like what Giuliani said -- that's fine. Giuliani knew he was being provocative. But why does Davies have to play the race card?

I am sick and tired of hearing the line: You don't like President Barack Obama's policies, so you must be a racist. Well, I don't agree with one thing this president has done in six years; I'm a white male, a registered Republican, and I am not a racist!

I count among my heroes Rosa Parks, and I'm an unabashed, proud member of the group that wants to draft Benjamin S. Carson to run for president. Carson is African-American.

I never seem to get a clear answer. If a faction of this country would label me a racist, then why do I want Carson to be the next leader of the free world?

Robert J. Michel, Port Washington