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Letter: Crystal's tree plans misguided

Sen. Charles Schumer, left, and Billy Crystal, right,

Sen. Charles Schumer, left, and Billy Crystal, right, are seen in Long Beach on Monday, Sept. 15, 2014, where they asked for $2.5 million in government aid to replace 2,500 trees killed by superstorm Sandy. Credit: Howard Schnapp

I read "Crystal urges fed funds for city trees" [News, Sept. 16], and I got riled.

Does the government really need to spend $2.5 million to replace trees killed in Long Beach by superstorm Sandy, when there are still Long Islanders who have not been able to return to their homes? My brother and his family are still living in a trailer while waiting for NY Rising money.

I bet if we asked Long Islanders whether they would rather grant money to victims or trees, they would choose their neighbors.

Debby Cosgrave, Brightwaters