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Letter: Currency changes begin with $10 bill

When you're self-employed, are you required to spend

When you're self-employed, are you required to spend money on workers' compensation insurance? Credit: iStock

I've read about changing the $10 bill, and I feel we need a lot more change in the currency ["Trading faces with Hamilton no easy task," Letters, July 5].

The penny has to go, and also the nickel. When I was a kid, a newspaper cost three cents. My father would give me a nickel, and I had two cents for candy. Today you cannot buy anything for a nickel. I would not ever bend down to pick one up.

The dollar bill should become a coin, but the $1 coins produced in the past are too close to a quarter in size. This is so simple to solve: Make the dollar coin the size of the current half-dollar.

Andrew Jackson should never have been on a bill. He forced the Native Americans to move, journeying along the Trail of Tears, where many died. I was in Oklahoma in the military training ROTC cadets one summer, and because of Jackson, the Indians did not even want to touch a $20 bill. What about replacing him with Teddy Roosevelt?

John H. Haug, Smithtown