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Letter: Cut back on prom expenses

The Carbone quintuplets attend their prom at Woodbury

The Carbone quintuplets attend their prom at Woodbury Country Club. From left to right: Brandon, Marissa, Austin, Francesca and Brianna. (June 21, 2012) Credit: Bruce Gilbert

I was reading about the program that distributes free prom dresses for young girls whose families cannot afford the exorbitant costs ["Free dresses ease prom worries," News, April 21].

Thinking what a wonderful program this is, as I have two teenage girls and know how expensive it is to attend these proms, I was taken aback by the first woman interviewed in the article. She listed the costs associated with her daughter's prom -- $900 for a class ring, $600 for hair and makeup sessions, $200 for a prom ticket and party bus.

How is this woman entitled to a free prom dress when she can afford all that?

This program should be for needy families that don't have that kind of money, not for someone who spends ridiculous amounts.

To save money, my daughter did her own hair and makeup, and we bought a beautiful dress for less than $200 and her class ring was less than $200. The entitlement of some people makes me angry. If you can't afford something, cut back. Don't expect others to pick up the tab.

Joan McCool, Massapequa