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Letter: Dead people remain registered

The headstone of Evelyn E. Burwell at Calverton

The headstone of Evelyn E. Burwell at Calverton National Cemetery Calverton. (Oct. 28, 2013) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

The news story "Deceased voters stay on the rolls" [Oct. 31] should open up the debate on the use of photo ID for all voters. Why not? We must use our photo ID for many other purposes.

The requirement to show a photo ID should also be extended to credit-card purchases over a certain amount in all stores.

Robert Carciello, Medford

I now can understand why many Democrats are so against voter IDs at polling places. After all, it must be awfully hard for dead people to leave the cemetery and go get one.

Kevin J. Mullen, Holtsville

Two presidential elections, 2008 and 2012, were riddled with accusations of voter fraud. We are approaching the midterm congressional elections and the 2016 presidential election, yet nothing has been done by the administration to assure that a fraud-free process is in place.

Being a senior citizen, I've had many doctors ask me for a photo ID to make sure that I am not going to defraud the government. It's nice to know that the government is concerned about our colonoscopies. Now, if they would only show as much concern over fair elections.

Kevin D. Glynn, Rockville Centre