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Letter: Deadly force can be 'split-second' choice

Andrea Rebello, a 21-year-old Hofstra University junior from

Andrea Rebello, a 21-year-old Hofstra University junior from Westchester County, was killed in May during an armed home invasion at a rental house she shared down the block from the campus in Uniondale. In every one of the 46 instances since 2006 in which deadly force was used by a Nassau County Police Department officer, the department's Deadly Force Response Team concluded that the officer's use of that force was justified.

While I do not believe that police officers are always justified in their use of deadly force, we have to understand the split-second decision they make when they feel their lives or other officers' lives are in danger ["Nassau defies odds with record on 'deadly force,' " News, Nov. 19].

Until one walks in their shoes, no one has the right to criticize a decision when one's life is in danger. If anyone has been in a war zone, as I have, it is unfortunate that innocent civilians do get hurt or killed in the line of fire, when others are defending people's lives. Training cannot cover all situations.

Police officers like to go home after a shift, and not to a hospital or even worse, a morgue.

Sanford Schneider, Island Park