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Letter: Debt collectors have standards, too

New York financial regulators have issued rules intended

New York financial regulators have issued rules intended to curb abuse by debt collectors. Credit: iStock

The article on Williams, Scott & Associates unfortunately paints a stereotypical portrait of the debt-buying industry ["Feds charge Ga. debt collector in fraud," News, Nov. 19]. This industry is a critical link in the nation's credit-based economy, and the vast majority of companies involved in debt collection take this responsibility seriously.

As the debt-buying industry's trade association, DBA International created the national Debt Buyer Certification Program as a uniform industry standard designed to exceed state and federal requirements. Our standards stress responsible consumer protection, increased transparency and accountability.

Neither Williams, Scott nor its employees were certified by DBA. The allegations of fraud against Williams, Scott highlight how abusive and illegal practices by any one company can shed a negative light on an entire industry.

Jan Stieger, Sacramento, California

Editor's note: The writer is executive director of DBA International.