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Letter: Debt dates to Bush administration

The Capitol Dome is silhouetted by the sunrise.

The Capitol Dome is silhouetted by the sunrise. (Sept. 15, 2013) Photo Credit: AP

Regarding "Tea party wants fiscal responsibility" [Letters, Oct. 18], the writer states, "Conservatives want spending slowed to shrink the deficit." I am sure that he will be pleased to know that the federal deficit will come in at about $642 billion this fiscal year, about the average deficit during the Bush administration, when the national debt increased $4.9 trillion. Where was the outrage when President George W. Bush was handed a budget with a surplus and then over eight years raised the national debt by 87 percent?

To better focus "outrage" over the $6 trillion increase in the last five years, it might help everyone to know what that's made up of: $5.1 trillion of that is due to Bush policies, including $1.8 trillion in tax cuts, nearly $900 billion for the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $1.2 trillion of spending on defense programs initiated by the Bush administration, $224 billion for the Troubled Asset Relief Program bailout of financial institutions, and $180 billion for the Part D Medicare Drug Plan.

Alexander J. Kelly, Smithtown