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Good Afternoon

Letter: Dedicated nurses on staff at St. Joseph

A nurse tending to a patient.

A nurse tending to a patient. Credit: iStock

In response to “A bad experience at hospital in Bethpage” [Letters, June 16], the nursing team at St. Joseph Hospital is dedicated, compassionate and hardworking.

We put ourselves in harm’s way, coming to work in blizzards and hurricanes to care for the community. I’ve seen nurses put the needs of their patients before anything else.

I’ve watched them celebrate a patient’s recovery; sit at a patient’s bedside, holding his or her hand as the patient took a final breath; and cry when they thought no one was looking.

I believe there are many patients and families who are grateful for the excellent care they received at the hands of a St. Joseph nurse.

Jenmarie L. Byrnes, Farmingdale

Editor’s note: The writer is a senior staff nurse at St. Joseph Hospital and president of the New York State Nurses Association’s local bargaining unit.