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Letter: Deer get a bum rap on Lyme disease

Deer graze fearlessly in front of a home

Deer graze fearlessly in front of a home on Jacobs Lane in Southold. Credit: Randee Daddona (2012)

Deer are dear

I am exasperated every time someone blames deer for Lyme disease.

Deer are innocent hosts, the same as dogs or humans who brush against vegetation and receive a tick ["Garden detective: Not-so-dear deer," LI Life, Aug. 5]. Without deer or your family pet, you can still get Lyme disease because ticks in larval or nymph stages reside in the brush with rodents.

Exterminating deer has become an excuse for hunting. Birth control is more humane.

As for the family that moved to a rural area for open space: The animals who occupied this land should not be exterminated so a family can "suburbanize" their yard.

Christine Ballow, Northport