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Letter: Democrats must avoid complacency

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a fundraiser at the Civic Center Auditorium in San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016. Credit: AP

We Democrats in New York live in real danger of fatal complacency, because we know that Hillary Clinton will carry our state [“Pitching for votes and hotel,” News, Oct. 27].

The danger is that we won’t go to the polls in sufficient numbers for truly accomplished leaders like Anna Throne-Holst, who’s running for Congress. Throne-Holst is an outstanding candidate. Displacing an incumbent is always an uphill fight. Throne-Holst needs, and richly deserves, our flat-out support.

Rep. Lee Zeldin scoffs at climate change and would impose more restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. He was one of Donald Trump’s earliest and loudest supporters, and his stance on gun control echoes the National Rifle Association.

Joyce Flynn, Quogue