When I read the article "Accommodations for disabled often lacking" [News, June 17], I was reminded of a similar article published 12 years ago, "Despite ADA, shut out: Many public places remain inaccessible for disabled" [News, Aug. 20, 2000]. The issues discussed in the stories, nearly 12 years apart, are amazingly similar: lack of access to meetings in government facilities, as well as bathrooms and elevators that are inadequate.

The 2000 article discussed my inability, with one leg amputated above the knee, to attend Sea Cliff Village Board meetings. After this article, Sea Cliff sought grants to build an elevator to the village hall basement, where meetings were held.

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Viewing the photo of the ramp entrance at the Bayville Village Hall, an observer can see the huge crack in the corner of the landing, creating a safety hazard for even those who are not mobility-impaired -- and a liability for the Village of Bayville.

Perhaps small groups of people with disabilities and mobility impairments could be established to make recommendations to local municipalities. It is quite shameful that we still have access issues.

Janice (Blackburn) Zangari,

Glen Cove