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Letter: Disagree with finding on collapse

Regarding "No negligence in collapse" [News, Dec. 5], the federal appeals court decision to absolve developers from the responsibility for the collapse of the two World Trade Center buildings was an error in the administration of justice. Professional organizations took a similar position after extensive study, and they were wrong as well.

The collapse of the buildings was primarily the result of a faulty structural design and defective building codes. Some might believe that my conclusion is just another conspiracy theory, but the proof is that no buildings other than skyscrapers were ever constructed in this way: The floor structure was connected to the outside bearing walls.

Further proof can be found in the fact that the building codes have been drastically changed to prevent a building like that from being built again. That design simply maximizes profits for developers.

Leo Montagna, Northport

Editor's note: The writer is a retired chief of structural design for Fairchild Industries.