During the presidential debate, one of Mitt Romney's many complaints was that the current administration deemed five banks too big to fail ["Debate No. 1 ups the ante," Editorial, Oct. 5].

He brought this up more than once and evidently doesn't know how right the administration was in saving the banks. Had they not been saved, the entire country could have suffered serious consequences.

If one of these giant institutions besides Lehman Bros. had closed its doors, millions of checks drawn on it could have bounced, and depositors who wrote the checks would have looked to the government to recover their money from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Claims would have been in the billions of dollars.

Business activity across the country would have been affected and supermarket shelves would have quickly emptied. If Romney doesn't grasp this, I'd be most uncomfortable with him as president.

James E. Stubenrauch, Massapequa

I have a different opinion about the debate. I thought the moderator, Jim Lehrer, was not in control. Mitt Romney interrupted the president all evening. He could not finish what he wanted to say.

It was one of the most one-sided presidential debates I have ever witnessed.

Romney appeared to be straining to refute everything President Barack Obama was saying. Romney also was trying to appeal to the 47 percent -- the ones he trashed when speaking to his own group. Let's see what group he will try to appeal to at the next debate.

I don't believe the debate changed anyone's vote.

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Janet Green, Plainview