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Good Morning

Letter: Discouraged by gubernatorial field

Cuomo speaks during a news conference in Manhattan

Cuomo speaks during a news conference in Manhattan on June 2, 2014. Credit: Charles Eckert

Shame on the 63 percent of people who say they don't have enough information to say anything about Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's disbanding of the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption ["What controversy?" News, Aug. 12].

And to the 16 percent surveyed who said the governor's actions were "inappropriate but not a crime," are your heads anatomically misplaced?

Cuomo took office on the promise to end the circle of corruption and ethical lapses in Albany. Toward that end he set up the Moreland Commission to investigate. So far, so good. But the commission was disbanded when his allies came under suspicion and his interests were at risk.

He desired to pass his state budget, but the votes were not forthcoming, so he traded disbanding the commission for the requisite votes. So there went the commission -- the endemic political corruption and lack of ethics be damned.

So, wake up Long Island and the rest of our great state of New York. Among those running are two unworthies -- Cuomo and the Republican Rob Astorino, who is a staunch supporter of the party of no, those who have brought to us the most useless Congress in modern memory.

So, get involved, people, and stop acting like a horde of lemmings following some inept leader to our own destruction.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington