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Letter: Disgust at misuse of public office

State Senator Shirley Huntley (left) and Assemblyman Vito

State Senator Shirley Huntley (left) and Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Credit: Howard Schnapp, Bryan Pace

Regarding "Albany's ongoing cleanup" [Editorial, Aug. 28], the perp walk continues for city Democrats accused of finding more inventive ways to loot our hard-earned tax money. State Sen. Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) surrendered to face charges she funneled close to $30,000 to a nonprofit she created to employ friends and relatives.

Assemb. Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) lost his chairmanship of an Assembly committee and, soon, of the Kings County Democratic Party after a bipartisan ethics committee found that he created a hostile workplace, including verbal and physical sexual abuse. In the private sector, such behavior would lead to termination, but not in Speaker Sheldon Silver's State Assembly. Instead, Lopez will make $12,500 less and undergo sexual harassment training. His numerous charges include groping a female employee's private parts on a drive from Atlantic City. Ah, your tax dollars at work!

Georgina Cohen, Syosset