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Letter: Dismantling service is a lose-lose

The Family and Children's Association learned last week

The Family and Children's Association learned last week that it lost its $2.2 million contract. It comes after the CSEA, Nassau County's largest union, won an arbitration case claiming the contract took jobs away from union members. Credit: News 12

This is in response to "Nonprofit loses $2M county pact" [News, July 5], about the closing of the Family & Children's Association Family Ties program.

In a dispute between the influential Civil Service Employees Association and the Nassau County Department of Social Services, this program became the sacrificial lamb. This closing represents the demise of a mission-driven program in which a staff of 29 talented workers will lose jobs so that "new" positions can be created for civil service workers.

Dismantling a successful prevention program with a record of keeping 98 percent of the children out of foster care -- at a huge savings to Nassau County -- is not in the county's best interest.

Family Ties has grown from serving 60 families to 255 families a day in the last 20 years. Staff members are on call 24/7, with no overtime and no time clock to recognize our long hours.

Empowering families to believe in themselves takes kindness, skills and a willingness to go above and beyond. At a time when there are fewer community-based services for our most at-risk families, why would anyone take away this lifeline? And as important, why would we increase the size of government at greater taxpayer expense?

Donna Teichner, Plainview

Editor's note: The writer is the assistant director of Family Ties in Hempstead.