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Letter: District consolidation goes to vote

Sanitary District 2 in Baldwin should not be dissolved ["Long Islanders can lower taxes at the polls," Opinion, Dec. 5]. I am a resident of Baldwin Harbor, and until I learned the facts, I was prepared to vote to dissolve; not now.

The workers are all local residents. There have never been any allegations of any wrongdoing nor budget overruns. There have never been any allegations of any featherbedding.

Why have the Residents for Efficient Special Districts chosen this district for dissolution? Is it because it is small and doesn't have the political clout to fight?

RESD claims that our taxes will be reduced by $500 annually. Show me the study that proves that. Show me the commitment that protects our employees from losing their jobs.

Lionel T. Bauman, Baldwin

On Wednesday, residents will have an opportunity to vote on whether to keep Sanitary District 2. The main question taxpayers should ask themselves is, why is it necessary for one town to have many sanitation districts?

The main argument from proponents is to maintain employment. So the question really is, should residents pay higher taxes to keep more people employed, or should government move to reallocate resources more efficiently to provide lower costs to all taxpayers?

Consolidation would do what Republicans and conservatives have been saying for years needs to be done, and that is reduce the size of government.

Special taxing districts have become a special interest. They are unable to provide cost-effective services and should be consolidated.

Felix Procacci, Franklin Square