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Letter: Don't allow bread knives in secure areas

Knives served with dinner at Palms restaurant at

Knives served with dinner at Palms restaurant at JFK Airport. Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Nice job getting the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to ban steak knives from restaurants inside secure airport areas ["Knives after airport security," News, Nov. 26].

Here's something else. Did you ever notice the places in the secure airport areas where they sell sandwiches? They cut the sandwiches with really sharp and long knives.

I asked about the possibility of an employee handing off one of those knives to someone who would be able to board an aircraft, without passing through any more security checks. I was assured that such a handoff would not be possible. You received the same assurances on the steak knives. Not nice.

Howard Cohen, Hauppauge