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Letter: Don’t be misled by October’s pink ribbons

Pink ribbons.

Pink ribbons. Photo Credit: iStock

As a woman who has been living with late-stage breast cancer for almost 10 long years, I cringe each October when our society envelops itself in pink [“The power of pink,” News, Oct. 17].

After regular sonograms and mammograms, I was diagnosed at age 44 with stage 4 breast cancer. Early detection didn’t work for me, and it doesn’t work for scores of other women. I sought out the best possible treatment and joined a support group.

Here’s the thing: Within four short years, all of my support group had died. Many of them were young mothers. The reality is, we most assuredly have not found a way to prevent cancer with early detection and awareness.

The fight is not about pink boas, long walks and pink ribbons. The fight is dark, ugly, lonely and very painful. Newsday should follow up on the people featured in its “Life’s Victories” series. I think the results would show the true story of breast cancer in the United States. Isn’t that the real story?

Colleen Logan Hofmeister, Sayville


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