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Letter: Don't call them 'jail guards'

Prisoners are exposed to more violence than people

Prisoners are exposed to more violence than people anywhere else in the country. Why don't we care? Credit: Michael E. Ach

I am insulted by the description of correction officers in "City workers union eyes 10% raises" [News, July 3]. The story refers to contracts for several high-profile unions, including those representing "jail guards."

I worked for the city Department of Correction for 30 years; I was initially employed as a correction officer -- that's the civil service title, not "jail guard" -- and I retired as a warden. This is a profession, and one of the hardest in the city.

Nothing against the police department, but uniformed and civilian staff working in the city jails may deal with more criminals in a day than police officers during their entire careers. Many of them have told me that they would never work my job.

Stephen Stein, Franklin Square