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Letter: Don’t compare Clinton, Trump honesty

It’s a terrible misjudgment to compare Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in terms of honesty [“We need more choices in ’16,” Opinion, July 10]. The FBI has shown Clinton’s dishonesty, as columnist Michael Dobie well realizes.

According to author William T. Hennessy, while Trump is not a true conservative, he has 10 messages or goals that are in line with what Ronald Reagan would uphold. Trump urges conservatives to join in support, and I believe they will.

Dobie also criticizes Trump for his use of derogatory remarks. Small sin. In this stifling age of political correctness, it’s so refreshing. Political correctness is a weapon of the left to suppress free speech.

There are many in government who deserve derogatory remarks because they have failed us. Trump is feared as a reformer.

This is the year of the outsider, and Trump’s messages of nationalism, jobs and security are healthy choices.

Gordon Tomei, Centerport