Why is it that we must "seriously consider a municipality's ability to pay" an arbitration decision regarding first-responders' salaries, but we can ignore the taxpayer's inability to pay exorbitant gasoline prices that allow for oil company executives' exorbitant salaries? ["Arbitration cap sorely needed," Editorial, Feb. 5]

Why limit first-responders to a 2 percent salary increase cap each year, as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed, when a municipality qualifies as distressed? A better idea would be to find ways for government to get more tax payments from oil companies.

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Exxon Mobil Corp. received $600 million in annual tax breaks last year. Our federal government doesn't seem inclined to change the status quo. New York State should seek ways to get more tax revenue from oil companies and their executives.

Tony Mignone, Massapequa Park