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Letter: Don’t neglect needs of our veterans

New Yorkers will have the opportunity to meet

New Yorkers will have the opportunity to meet and pay tribute to hundreds of veterans, active duty members and decorated generals in Times Square Tuesday. Credit: Getty Images / Patrick Smith

Don’t neglect needs of our veterans

Memorial Day is a nonreligious holiday during which we honor American soldiers throughout history who sacrificed their lives to protect our way of life [“Scouts keep marching on,” News, May 30].

It’s appropriate to bow our heads in prayer to express our gratitude, but it’s not enough. We should do more.

Why aren’t veterans getting the best possible medical and social care after the trauma of warfare, regardless of financial cost? Death is not the only consequence of war. Lost limbs, eyesight and hearing are among the terrible costs, as is post-traumatic stress disorder.

What about the need for education and job training, housing and financial assistance? There always seems to be enough money to pay for ever-increasing military spending, but never enough for the common soldier’s recuperation and re-involvement in society.

Robert N. Shorin, Syosset

Editor’s note: The writer was a member of the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps.