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Letter: Don't pull plug on Obamacare plans

The Internet health insurance exchange on Oct.

The Internet health insurance exchange on Oct. 21, 2013. Credit: Getty Images

I retired six months ago at 66 to care for my wife, 62, who has multiple sclerosis ["More enroll in NY's exchange," News, Nov. 13]. She is covered under my former employer's health insurance, until she is eligible for Medicare, because New York mandates 36 months of coverage under COBRA. We pay $701 a month.

This week, we signed on to the state website to explore Obamacare coverage. We were able to navigate the Web pages despite some minor glitches. With one call to the help number, which was answered promptly by a knowledgeable person, we were able to complete the application and move to the plans and costs available. To my surprise, we qualified for the "platinum" coverage, with no deductible, at a maximum cost of $570 per month.

If we sign up for the new plan, my wife will be removed from COBRA. If the Republican effort to eliminate Obamacare succeeds in the next three years, we cannot go back to COBRA, and I will be left paying for my wife's care out of pocket.

It seems that I am stuck paying $701 each month until Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his tea party supporters can assure me that they will not sabotage a worthwhile program. They must work in a bipartisan way to make it better, not destroy it.

Richard Ross, Huntington