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Letter: Don't quash Suffolk master plan

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone in Riverhead on

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone in Riverhead on June 20, 2015. It was shirt sleeves activities on Monday, June 29, 2015,for his golf fundraiser. Credit: James Carbone

I read "In Suffolk, master plan lacks details" [News, June 21]. I appreciate the need for careful review of Long Island projects; however, no specific project plans have been proposed under the concepts of the plan. It's premature for naysayers to come forward. Long Island absolutely must save itself by creating jobs, opportunities and a climate and quality of life that keep residents from leaving and attract people from other regions.

Long Island has groundwater protection issues, high taxes, overcrowded roads, aging infrastructure and many other problems. These are not impediments to progress, but opportunities for job creation, development of new industries and innovation.

Suffolk County's politicians need to stand firm on advancing the plan, and not cave in to NIMBYs. Long Island needs to change from the "Land of no" to the "Land of yes, but . . ."

James T. Rooney, Centerport