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Letter: Don't raise age to charge as adult

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, LI Advocates,

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, LI Advocates, Clergy, Formerly Incarcerated Young Writers & Civil Rights Groups, join diverse statewide campaign in calling for New York to Raise the Age in Mineola. (Aug 20, 2013) Credit: Howard Schnapp

I find it to be a disgrace that Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice is pushing to raise the age when teens can be tried as adults ["Rally urges state to reform teen justice system," News, Aug. 21].

The same issue of Newsday included an article about three boys -- ages 15, 16 and 17 -- who allegedly shot and killed a young man in Oklahoma ["Slain out of boredom," News].

Though it didn't happen in New York, other crimes such as that happen every day. Not only should those so-called children be tried as adults, but they should be executed as well if found guilty of taking the life of an innocent man so callously.

If children know that they will be charged as children, then there's going to be a whole lot more of these senseless murders, among other crimes. If anything, our justice system isn't harsh enough.

Tara Spataro, Massapequa Park