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Letter: Don’t raise costs for solar-energy homes

This massive solar farm, seen here on Saturday,

This massive solar farm, seen here on Saturday, April 4, 2015, is nearing completion along Edwards Avenue in Calverton. Credit: Steve Pfost

Recently, I installed leased solar panels to reduce our utility expense and help the environment.

According to Newsday, PSEG Long Island is recommending that the state increase the fixed monthly service fee by an unspecified amount to recoup more costs, change the price the utility pays for excess solar energy sent back to the grid based on its actual benefit to the system, require separate meters to monitor customers’ energy production and energy use, and charge those customers on a time-of-use basis for the energy they draw from the grid [“PSEG could end solar net metering subsidy,” News, April 20].

These PSEG proposals are ill-advised and shortsighted. If allowed, they will reduce savings from solar energy and discourage future solar energy production. PSEG needs to find other measures to increase its revenue and cut costs. Don’t penalize customers who switch to renewable energy.

James Mantle, Lynbrook