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Letter: Don't understand $30,000 raise

Smithtown Town Councilman Thomas McCarthy, who cast the

Smithtown Town Councilman Thomas McCarthy, who cast the deciding vote to give himself a $30,000 raise in the stipend he receives as deputy town supervisor, said he wants to rescind the increase. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

I'm writing to express my outrage at Smithtown Councilman Thomas McCarthy's $30,000 increase in his stipend, especially since he voted it for himself ["Vote cancels Smithtown pol's raise," News, Sept. 24].

The board, including McCarthy, later rescinded the raise, but Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio said he might include it in his budget for next year.

Why is this man worth $30,000 more? What exactly does he do to deserve such an increase?

Smithtown taxes are outrageously high, and many Smithtown taxpayers don't earn that much in a year. How about the Smithtown political machine start thinking about the Smithtown taxpayers!

Allen Brown, Smithtown