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Good Morning

Letter: Election rules need overhaul

Landon Peterson peeks out of the voting booth

Landon Peterson peeks out of the voting booth while his mother votes in this file photo. (March 20, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Why do we keep discussing reforming the state election system when it's high time we replace it ["Recall elections won't fix Albany," Editorial, May 6]?

Most states enable candidates to run for public office by paying a small fee, as opposed to New York's highly complicated petition system. Frankly, when a simple matter is made overly complex, you can bet that it's for the benefit of the politicians, not the people. The simpler and easier it is for people to participate, the more democratic it becomes.

Greater competition among politicians would go a long way to eliminating the riffraff we are afflicted with.

Bob Pendleton, Merrick