Emails revealed DNC’s anti-Sanders view

The release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails confirmed party bias against Sen. Bernie Sanders [“DNC chief resigns amid email uproar,” News, July 25].

The DNC did not disclose its agenda to Sanders donors and, thus, allowed those donors to invest in the Sanders campaign without necessary information. Investor fraud is not permitted in business. It should also be actionable in presidential primary politics. Sanders campaign donors must be reimbursed by the DNC.

William J. Breuer Sr., Malverne


It looks as if the only ones who got it right were the Bernie Sanders supporters [“DNC chief resigns amid email uproar,” News, July 25]. He was taken out even before the race began.

The people who supported Sanders were left out in the cold . . . by none other than Sanders himself. The Democratic National Committee did not want to let Sanders have a fair primary, so he chose to endorse the one who helped screw him.

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He has forgiven Hillary Clinton and expects followers to do the same. Unfortunately, his supporters are more Sanders than Sanders is. They know right from wrong, and when you are wronged you should do something about it and not just cave in.

Edward Tardibuono, Levittown